Moulins de Citrans - Haut Medoc - 2010 - 750 ml

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Moulins de Citran is the second wine of the Château Citran. Stemed from the same parcels as the first wine, it is elaborated according to traditional methods. Conferring a well-balanced and harmonious structure to the palate, Moulins de Citran allies intensity and elegance.

Vintage 2010

The sunny summer and late autumn exceptional contributed to improve the success of this vintage. These climatic conditions have been fully supported the optimal maturation of the grapes and their excellent state of health. They also allowed the harvest to proceed with confidence. The growers were able to decide the best dates to harvest grape variety by grape variety, plot by plot. The blend of grape varieties (merlot and cabernet sauvignon) gives these wines a good acidity, guarantee of longevity, the freshness and a very expressive fruit. This year is also characterized by a high concentration of anthocyan, ripening tannins. The potential of these wines is extraordinary.


TASTING NOTES: With a deep intense and bright ruby colour, this wine develops a grea nose of perfumed black raspberry, black cherry and red fruits. Its attack is full and generous on the palate, fresh dark fruit flavours lead and give way to well-integrated and powdery tannins. Lovely texture and intensity of flavour on the palate carries through to a bright and persistent finish.

TASTING ADVICE: Charming and well balanced wine, can keep it 5 years.


GRAPE VARIETY: 42.5 ha Cabernet Sauvignon / 47.5 ha Merlot / 4 ha Cabernet Franc

SOILS: Sandy gravelly soils / Marly chalky soils

VINEYARD: 94 hectares

HARVESTS: By hand. Rigorous parcel selection, grapes sorted on wine-stock and on sorting table. From October 5th to October 22th 2010 for the Merlot. From October 22th to October 28th 2010 for the Cabernet Sauvignon.

BLENDING: 38 % Cabernet Sauvignon / 62 % Merlot

GRAPES: Thermoregulation on each tank. Traditionnal vinifications (T 28°C). Traditionnal ageing with racking every three months in french oak barrels. Fining with white egg. Bottling in the Château.


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