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Hennessy Paradis + VSOP Bundle

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This bundle gift is a must-have for cognac lovers.
Hennessy is a household name when it comes to Cognac.
Refined and elegant, Hennessy Paradis has been touted as a gourmet blend, the fruit of successive blends that combine more than a hundred eaux-de-vie aged up to 130 years.
According to Hennessy’s ambassador since 2000, Hennessy Paradis is best savoured during bonding moments.
When you are with your good friends, enjoying a nice moment after dinner, just relaxing and chatting… and the atmosphere is a little bit sensual… It could be the end of a nice meal for a celebration of a birthday or a meeting of two persons or even an engagement dinner

Tasting Notes

Clear and amber gold in colour, it is fresh, flowery and fruity on the nose, with jasmine and honeysuckle accents, underlined by mild spices. On the palate, it is velvety and harmonious, a silky combination of honey, floral and spicy nuances with a long and round persistent finish.

Food Pairing

Smoke a cigar with it!


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