Domaine Zusslin Gewürztraminer Lutzeltal 2012
White Wine

Domaine Zusslin Gewürztraminer Lutzeltal 2012

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  • 2 stars in the “Best Wines of France” Guide

A wine with a real balance and power, a typical Gewürztraminer, with strong aromatic qualities, and a nice harmony.
Coming from the Zusslin Estate, it is a wine fully hand harvested, and grown with organic methods, without any chemicals.

The grapes are all harvested by hand, and the wine ages in traditional oak Alsatian barrels, till the smooth maturation of each cuvee. The estate does not interfere during the fermentation or ageing process at all, not using any synthetic chemicals. All the Gewürztraminers come from the Bollenberg lot of the Estate, with mineral rich calcareous soils.

EYE: The Gewürztraminer has a beautiful golden color, intensity and clarity.
NOSE: The specific powerful aromatics of Gewürztraminer, from exotic fruits (pineapple) to sweet spices, with some floral aromas as well (fennel).
MOUTH: A deep and rich palate, with a finish giving a tonic and refreshing acidity to balance.

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