Domaine Rolet - Vin Jaune 2009 - 625 ml

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Vin Jaune is made exclusively with Juras Savagnin grapes in a way which defies the most elementary oenological laws: 6 years in three quarter filled oak barrels without ouillage (topping up) so that nothing disturbs the thin surface film, a veil of live yeasts, responsible for the yellow colour of the wine. The wine is then bottled in Clavelins holding 63cl, which corresponds to 1 litre of the wine harvested 6 years earlier. At this point the wine is almost indestructible and will age for 100 years or more. Rolet's vins jaune are benchmark classics, uncorked in advance and served at a temperature of 15 degrees, it develops inimitable, subtle green walnut flavours. This is a wine of tremendous body that is quite delicious with cheeses from Franche-Comte, Coq au Vin Jaune et Morilles, fish and poultry dishes in rich, creamy sauces.

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