Champagne Jacquesson - Cuvee n° 741 - 750 ml

Jacquesson champagnes are amongst the cuvees which are most prized by experienced champagne lovers. Their champagnes are full of personality, made from selected parcels, aged in large oak barrels and with very low dosage. The cuvée 741 (the number changes every year, for each new harvest that serves as a basis for the blend) develops powerful, taut, saline notes, whereas the vintage parcel selection cuvees (Corne Bautray, Vauzelle Terme, Champ Caïn) develop complex, silky aromas with great depth. The Dizy “Terres Rouges” Rosé develops in an intensely fruity register with a sublime hint of menthol.

The Jacquesson Cuvee 741 base comes from the 2013 vintage. It's high proportion of Pinot Meunier (similar to Krug) gives a very rounded and fruity finish. The Chardonnay brings the body of biscuits, baked apples and brioche. Pinot adds weight and power.

We love the honesty of Jacquesson, they explain the ups and downs vintage vintage had to offer on the back label and tell you what goes into their delicious champagnes.

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